Saturday, January 9, 2010

'kay guys, it's the 9th. For me at least. This is what i was able to do. Not much. Poor performance and time management on my part. No excuses. It looks like blow up versions of our thumbnails, with some changes. I'm doing it in rough passes. I hope that when i get back to SF i can sit down with Bryan and nail these. We haven't discussed designs on the vampires, etc.

I don't feel happy guys. Not happy at all...

Sorry about the picture quality. But i don't have a A3 Scanner.


  1. This is fine! All we have to do is go over the roughs and tighten up the shapes a little more, and add the effects and details when we do color. I'll be posting my results later tonight. I'm handing in seven pages in total.

  2. yea man, good work. first pass is always rough, don't worry bout it. looking good.